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Dining Room Cabinet Makeover

 Dining Room Cabinet Makeover

A dining room can become multifunctional when you adjust it to the way you live.  You can eat, entertain, read and do family activities in the dining room.  Approach a dining room cabinet the same way.  Changing what's inside the cabinet will change its attitude. 

Modernize your cabinet.  Sort through it and pick out pieces that go together.  Pieces that have modern, geometric patterns will look bold and beautiful against solid color dishes.  Add vases and serving plates in surprising shapes to create rhythm in the cabinet decorating.  A mixture of vintage cabinet and modern dishes will create a unique look. 

To add color and pattern, use bold patterned trays propped along the backboard of the cabinet.  These trays will let solid dishes stand out while giving you visual appeal.  It's an easy, quick way to change the look of the cabinet.  You can also paste pieces of patterned wallpaper to the backboard. 

Go through the items in the dining cabinet and select only ones that go together.  A stuffed, disorganized cabinet can look unattractive and out of date.  Select one bold piece for each of the shelves and add smaller items to the large pieces.  For a unique look, vary the shapes, height and color of objects.  For example, if your one large piece is a round green plate, add small square patterned bowls in whites, yellows, blues and greens. 

Include decorative surprises in decorating your cabinet.  Let pretty patterned napkins be seen on the plate.  Add some tall piece to visually stretch the dining cabinet.  Decorate it with touches of nature, like a leaf-shaped plate or a rose posing out of a vase.

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