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Transform A Dining Cabinet Into A Bar

 Transform A Dining Cabinet Into A Bar

Most spirit bottles look vintage and represent past eras.  Combined with an old fashioned cabinet, the overall look can be dated.  Put elements of modern time into the cabinet, like odd shaped wine glasses and solid serving trays.  Put together modern and vintage objects to create a look of a collection that's created over time.  Repeat shapes on different shelves.  Include a couple of the same size bottles on the top shelf and one on the bottom one. 

Add subtle pattern to the shelves.  Use pieces of wallpaper or fabric and paste them to the backboard of the cabinet to create a background.  You don't have to do this throughout the whole cabinet, just on certain areas.  Use paper glue or double-sided tape to keep wallpaper in place.  For a subtle look, match the wallpaper to the color of the cabinet. 

Divide the cabinet so that you have bar and display space.  Keep the bar equipment on shelves that are easy to reach.  Display items can go on higher shelves.  To keep your spirit collections organized, put decorative serving trays and platters under a group of bottles and glasses.  This will also prevent surface damage from spills.  Include unusual objects to the shelves, like antique mirrors and statues. 

For additional texture and visual appeal, get bottles wrapped in wicker and odd-shaped bottles.  Some of those can be in shapes of unusual flasks, vintage wine bottles or art glass pendants. 

Add small artistic touches in empty areas.  Put a decorative china piece or two on different shelves.  Add a collection of vintage bar tools scattered on each shelf.  Maybe a few candles if they go with your decor. 

To stretch the height of the dining cabinet, put something interesting on top of it.  This space could be used for storage if you put baskets or decorative boxes there.  Or you can extend your bar and add bottles and decorative elements to the top of the cabinet.

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