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Trim Up Your Candles

Women loved candles since they were invented. Besides looking pretty and feminine, candles can add romance and mystery to any room. If you have candles at home that are missing a creative touch, here is how you can renovate them:

Decorating tools: scissors, glue.

trim up your candles tools




1. Obtain a relatively tall candle. If you have a few candles that you want to work with, select them so that they harmonize in colors. For example, maybe they are all in warm colors, like cream, honey and peach. Or all of the candles are darker shades of maroon, taupe and brown. Pick some combinations that you like looking at when they stand together.

2. Purchase a few different fabric ribbons. Most of the ribbons have a wonderful texture to them, which contrasts the smooth texture of the candle. This texture will give your candle a little edge. If no fabric ribbons are available, there are all kinds of great gift wrapping ribbons that you can use.

trim up your candles 23. Wrap the trim around the candle until it goes fully around. Cut it where the twoends meet at the back of the candle, leaving about half an inch of extra space,so that the two edges can overlap.

4. Put a few drops of all-purpose glue around the inside of the ribbon. For safety, attach the ribbons in the middle or on the bottom part of the candle. Paste the ribbon to the candle and finally put the glue on the extra half an inch of the ribbon and paste the edges together. If it works better for you, use double-sided tape or glue gun instead of glue.

This decorating project can be a great solution for an empty space in the bedroom on top of the night stand or in the bathroom for an unoccupied shelf space. Just cut, glue and create.

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