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How To Turn a Hanger Into a Piece Of Art

If you are anything like me, then you love your closet treasures: beautiful dresses, sexy skirts, fancy shirts, flattering pants, scarves...  Its always a pleasure to have these things.  I always make sure that not only the clothes are fancy and pretty, but also the things that they hang on - hangers.   

Even though I try to make sure that all the hangers are neat and pretty, ugly hangers manage to sneak in.  They appear in my closet when I purchase new clothes or from dry cleaners.   When I collect too many of these ugly hangers, I immediately gather them together to change their image.  These hangers get the ultimate makeover by decoration. 

Usually, I try to match my hangers either in shape, size or colors.  The closet really looks great when the colors of the hangers are in harmony.  To pick out the right style for the hangers, look at your closet and what's in it.  What would be the best decorating materials for your hangers?  It could be anything you have in the house - buttons, paints, fabrics, ribbons, jewels, stones.  Here are two examples of how I decorated my hangers: 

Decorating Tools: glue gun.

Jeweled Hanger-tools 



Hanger covered in flowers 

For this simple and pretty hanger you will need either jewels, jeweled-hanger-1pieces of trim, or buttons.  I used fabric pieces cut in the shape of flowers.  Lay the hanger in front of you, get different colors of flowers and glue them to the hanger's body one by one using glue gun.  Make the colors of your materials match the overall closet colors.  This decorating project takes about ten minutes and every time you look in your closet, you will have a smile on your face.  

Hanger covered in ribbon and jewels 

jeweled-hanger-2This project will require a roll of 1.5" pink ribbon, .25" silver jewels, and three pink .5" jewels. 

1.  Put the hanger in front of you.  Take the ribbon and using glue gun, glue the end of the ribbon to the hanger's end piece.  Now start wrapping the ribbon around the hanger until the whole body of the hanger is wrapped.  Cut the ribbon and glue the end to the hanger's edge. 

2.  Take about 40 small .25" silver jewels and glue them on top of the ribbon.  Make a row of jewels in the middle of the hanger's body. 

3.  Take three large pink .5" jewels.  Glue them in the center of the hanger. 

As you can see it's pretty easy to create a beautiful closet.  You can take the same jewels and ribbons and decorate shoe boxes or decorative boxes to put in the closet.  Let everything in your house be beautiful and unique! 

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