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Simple Pillow, Simply Refreshing

 Simple Pillow, Simply Refreshing

Want to liven up your living room? Bring out your creativity and sew your own pillow.  This is a great way to add your own touch to the room, while letting your imagination flow.  Get some fabric and trims of your choice and create! 

Decorating tools: sewing machine, threads, scissors 

simply pillows tools




1.  Pick out your fabric and trims.  Keep in mind that slippery materials like silk or printed fabrics are more difficult to work with.  If this is your first time making a pillow, use a solid fabric. 

2.  Cut two squares of fabric measuring 15.5" on all sides.  Your finished pillow will be 15" square.  Cut one or two trims so that it is 15.5" in length also. 

pillow instructions

3.  Take one fabric square and lay a trim on top of it, both facing up.  If the trim is thin, sew the two layers in the middle (A).  If it's an inch wide or bigger, sew it down to fabric along the edges of the trim (B).  Now you have a pretty front of the pillow done. 

4.  Put the two fabric squares together, so that the bright sides are facing each other.  Sew three sides of the fabric square, leaving a half inch seam on all three sides (C). 

5.  Turn the pillow right side out.  Stuff the inside with polyester fiber filling or chopped foam.  This could come out to be as fluffy or as thin as you want. 

maroon pillow

6.  Now all you have left is to sew closed the fourth edge.  Tuck half an inch of both edges in.  Make sure that the pillow's filling is not coming out.  Sew along the edge. 

Now that you have made the first pillow, why not give it a matching pair?  If your first pillow is solid, your second one can be with pattern that matches in colors.  This sewing project is a fun way to give your living room or bedroom a little flair.

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