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How To Make A Bathroom Sink Skirt

 How To Make A Bathroom Sink Skirt

If you need a sink skirt, make your own.  There are many choices of sink skirts that you can buy, but none of them will be as unique as the one you can make yourself.  The sink skirt will hide all the ugly plumbing pipes behind it.  It is also a great way to add colors and textures to your bathroom.  To make it you will need:  fabric, thread to match the fabric, a roll of wide ribbon. 

Decorating Tools: measuring tape, scissors, sewing machine, glue gun or velcro. 





1.  Take a measuring tape and measure the sink from top edge to the floor.  Add two or three inches to this number for the hem at the top of the skirt.  After this, measure the sink from side to side.  Double this number if you want a gathered sink skirt.  Now you have measurements for a rectangular piece of fabric.  Purchase the fabric that matches the colors or patterns of your bathroom.  This way your bathroom decor will be enriched. 

2.  Take the piece of fabric that you purchased and using sewing machine hem all around the fabric's edges.  This will hide all the ugly raw edges.  Make the hem at the top two or three inches deep and all other edges can be a quarter of an inch deep. 

3.  To make the sink skirt gathered, take a wide piece of ribbon that measures the width of the sink side to side.  Put the ribbon through the top hem (the one that's two or three inches deep).  Sew each end of the ribbon to each edge of the fabric.  If you don't want to use the ribbon, press the gathers with an iron as you fold them. 

4.  Now you are ready to attach the sink skirt to the sink.  You sink-skirt-1can do this a couple of different ways.  You can use glue gun, velcro or install a rod at the top of the sink for the skirt to go around it.  To attach the skirt with glue gun lay out the skirt wrong side facing you, put an even line of glue in the middle of the top hem, and attach the skirt tosink-skirt-2 the top of the sink.  To attach the skirt with velcro cut a piece of velcro as wide as your sink, make the wrong side of the fabric face you, attach one side of velcro to the top hem of the sink skirt, attach another side of velcro along the top edge of the sink itself, and attach the sink skirt to the sink.  To hang the sink skirt on the rod, purchase a rod to go around the top edge of the sink, install it, and instead of using ribbon (like we did in step 3) put the top hem of the sink skirt through the rod. 

To make the sink skirt look more decorative, purchase a fancy trim and sew it on the top and bottom of the sink skirt.  You can be as creative as you want and try other ideas, like layering a couple of fabrics to add more textures and colors, or combining sheer and heavy materials.  Stick to the overall scheme and colors of your bathroom to achieve a complete, harmonious decor. 

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