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How To Make A Fabric Covered Hanger

This fabric covered hanger can turn any closet into a luxurious storage space.  Don't let your closet go ugly, beautify it!  To make this hanger you will need: a regular metal hanger, pink thick piece of fabric, large orange fabric flower, orange beads or jewels, and pink ribbons. 

Decorating Tools: sewing needle, glue gun. 

Fabric Covered Hanger-tools




1.  Take a regular metal hanger.  Purchase a piece of pink thick soft fabric, like fleece or felt.  If you want the hanger to have more dimension and softness, wrap it with padding before wrapping it with fabric.  

Fabric-Covered-Hanger-12.  Cut a piece of fabric 19.5" by 8".  Put the hanger on top of this piece, so that the very top of hanger body is laying on top of the fabric (see picture).  Fold the bottom piece of fabric in and sew it horizontally.  This will secure the hanger in place.  If you want this to be a faster project, use glue gun on fabric instead of sewing it. 

3.  Fold in the top two corners of the fabric and sew or glue them in place.  Fold the whole left and right sides of the fabric in and Fabric-Covered-Hanger-2sew or glue those in place (see picture).  The side you are working with is the back side of the hanger.  Now turn the hanger around to decorate it. 

4.  Start decorating the hanger with rows of beads or jewels.  I used .5" orange flower jewels.  Get the glue gun ready and start gluing them from the top of the hanger going down on each side.  When this is done, glue a row of jewels to the bottom of the hanger (see picture).   

Fabric-Covered-Hanger-35.  Gather some ribbons, pieces of fabric and a large fabric flower.  The flower that I used is 3.5".  It's pretty and large, and sits nicely in the center.  Glue the flower to the middle of the hanger.  Tie a thick pink ribbon in a bow around the neck of the hanger.  I used fabric pieces and tied them to the hanger instead of the ribbons. 

As you can see it’s not too hard to create beauty.  To make your closet completely match, wrap shoe boxes and decorative boxes with the same fabric you used for this hanger and decorate it in a similar way.   

To make decorated hangers for kids, wrap them in fun printed fabrics.  Decorate using jewels, fabric flowers, small toys, or stuffed animals. 

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