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Decorating In Country Style

 Decorating In Country Style

The Country Style is simple and practical.  It makes a home look comfortable.  This style came from the values of simple country life and it's popularity have grown because it's not hectic and cramped with technology.


There are great decorating possibilities in Country Style.  It is very personal and offers a chance to be unique and express oneself.  Some of it's distinctive features are images of wooden houses with luscious gardens and fields, fresh herbs that are hung to dry, unfinished, vintage style furniture, and a warm cozy color palette.


Country Style brings memories of the Old World with such things, like folk paintings and a long dining table with cane chairs.  Beautiful antiques and yard sale finds are some of it's elements. 


The floors in the Country Style home are typically wide, unfinished or painted.  Area rugs are next to the door and bed.  There are wooden high-backed chairs and benches.  The walls are usually painted in natural colors, plastered or paneled.  You can use moldings that are one inch wide with simple patterns, like gingham or small floral.


  Double-hung, paneled windows are another distinctive attribute of Country Style.  Doors are made out of simple vertical boards and have hand-wrought handles and hinges.  Overhead beams that are used to support the floor above are also used as a decorating space to hang dry flowers, herbs and kitchen utensils.  A brick or stone fireplace can make a beautiful center of the living room or kitchen.

Window treatments are usually simple.  You can hang curtains with delicate print or wide stripes.  Or you can display your window, window frame or windowsill without the curtains.

Furniture in the Style of Country is practical and handcrafted.  A simply painted piece can look very unique in the modern style room.  Some accessories, like blanket chests, trestle tables and pie safes can really rejuvenate an area.  Pick a sofa covered in traditional plaid with ladder-back chairs.


The walls are usually off-white.  One color is chosen for the door and another for the trim of the windows.  Barn red is a common choice for Country ceilings.  It makes any room seem cozier, but also smaller than it is.  For an older, antique feeling do a ragging effect on your walls.  This could make any ordinary living room or kitchen look stylish and embellished.

The Country Style decorating palette is very natural and is country style palette



taken from things in everyday life, like earth, soot or milk.  To create pastels, the white was added into the colors.  Black was used to make colors deeper. 

In the past the Country houses served as living spaces and workplaces.  They were very practical and not overdone.  Everything should have it's place and be efficient.  Some decorating elements that could be used are hanging braided garlic in the kitchen, a line of favorite china plates hung up along the wall or on a shelf, opened cupboards that display kitchen utensils, hung pots and pans on hooks and fresh fruits in wicker baskets.  The main feature of Country Style is letting the charm of everyday objects be seen in it's environment. 

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