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Decorating In Arts And Crafts Style

 Decorating In Arts And Crafts Style

Arts and Crafts Style is a complete opposite of the Victorian Style.  The designers who started it are known as Craftsmen.  They wanted a style that's simple with the use of natural elements.

The rooms in Arts and Crafts Style are open in layout with accent on horizontal lines.  There are exposed beams and sturdy columns, fireplaces are flanked with sitting niches and are tilted.  The doors are handmade, have strap hinges and are huge in size. 

The furniture here is usually square in shape and highly functional.  The wood that is mostly used is oak with clear finish, which puts emphasis on wood grain.  The feature furniture piece in the Arts and Crafts Style is the Morris chair with adjustable back.  Glass door cabinets, leather upholstery, nature motifs or geometric fabrics made out of taffeta, chintz and printed cotton are some of the main characteristics in the Arts and Crafts Style.

Walls are light tints of earth tones.  They are also covered with canvas, glass cloth or burlap.  If you are using wallpaper for this style, pick themes that relate to nature.  Stenciling onto decorative tiles with simple motifs can give a kitchen or a fireplace the Arts and Crafts look.  It's all about handcrafted appearance 

Windows are decorated by hanging curtains of sturdy materials.  They could be hand-stitched for added style.  Lamps with shades made out of translucent mica, bamboo or wicker create an imitation of warm candlelight. 

The Arts and Crafts palette is sophisticated and constrained.  It's all about nature and Native American crafts.  You can use such warm tones as earth, herbs and berries, which are muted and comfortable.

arts and crafts palette 

Arts and Crafts practical style is a reflection of early Modernism, but with emphasis on humanity and nature.  It's a way to decorate for a simpler way of living.

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