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Decorating In Contemporary Style

 Decorating In Contemporary Style

Contemporary decorating style includes in itself Bauhaus, Art Deco and Art Nouveau from the early 1900's.  Unlike styles that are more antique in nature, Contemporary decor uses modern materials, like metal and plastic.  Wood is clear finished.  It does not have special effects, like stains or graining.  Geometric patterns are a key in this style.  There are no moldings and windows have large openings to breach the difference between outdoors and indoors.  

Contemporary Style rooms are very organized and focus on a few highlighted art pieces or sculptures.  Furniture is shaped and simple, and there are no headboards or footboards for the bed.  Some pictures can be hung without frames.  If there are frames, they are simple and solid.  There is an influence of the high-tech look with commercial furniture and fixtures, office chairs, metal shelves, conference table and store style lighting. 

The number of furniture pieces in Contemporary Style is minimal - just what's needed for everyday life.  This gives any room a chance to show off it's architectural structure and grand open space.  There could be wall cutouts or roof skylights for emphasis on space and to change the focus from box-shaped rooms. 

The simplicity of this style is soothing.  The furniture is low-slung, the colors are muted and quiet.  To give your Contemporary room a flair, use 50's style furniture pieces mixed with modern accessories, like industrial-style rug.  Carpeting should cover the whole floor or use small area rugs in geometric patterns.

Curtains are not a necessity for this style.  Just add horizontal blinds for privacy.  Lighting is concealed and high-tech.  Use runway fixtures, halogen lights on wires or metal trapezes and hide it from view.  The lights could be mounted to the ceiling or hidden behind a plant. 

There is no clutter in Contemporary Style with it's practical use of storage space, like in a traditional Japanese home decor.  Closets and carpets are well planned out and blend into the interior.  Each piece of art becomes a focal point, because it is one of the few and is carefully chosen for a specific place in the room. 

 contemporary color palette

The Contemporary color palette welcomes the white look of the walls to create contrast between the interior space and focal points such as art pieces.  Adding materials like leather, slate and plastic to your kitchen makes the dark shades stand out mimicking the high-tech look.  General mood of Contemporary interiors is cool and calm, which can be spiced up with bursts of primary colors.

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