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Decorating In Southwestern Style

 Decorating In Southwestern Style

Southwestern Style originated from the Spanish and Native American influences.  One of it's key features are the thick adobe walls.  They are made from bricks of clay that are sun dried and covered with stucco.  These walls look cozy and sensual, but the material is very practical.  Peeled pine logs are used for the ceiling beams.  Narrow, ridged supports called latillas are built at the ceiling in a crisscross geometric pattern. 

Main rooms, like living room, dining room or a bedroom are anchored by fireplaces.  The fireplaces and walls are covered in tinted plaster.  Floors are made out of wide-plank boards or thick clay tiles.  These elements give a Southwestern home a built-in look, which is simple and comforting. 

The shapes of furniture and accessories in this style are rounded and smooth.  Deep windows, thick walls and plenty of overhead space invite you into a secure, peaceful atmosphere.   

southwestern rugBold Navaho rugs and blankets, religious icons, regional art, pottery and cut out furniture are some of the characteristics of Southwestern interior.  There are daybeds instead of sofas.  Windows are tall and have large divided panels with frames painted in bright colors.  Doors are heavy with hefty hardware. 

The furniture is simply upholstered with native patterns or is solid.  Upholstered furniture is brightly colored in earth tones or pastels to accentuate the details in the materials. 

To imitate the plastered adobe walls effect you can use textured paint.  If you mix sand into it, you will get a textured look that works well in Southwestern Style. 

The Southwestern color palette is natural and reflects open skies and earth.  Religious artifacts that are brightly painted can southwestern  color palettego great with serenity of the interior.  Pastels or lighter shades of colors are used for the interior walls.  Accessories are brighter splashes of color, which create great focal points for the room.  Include earth tones and cool colors to capture the sense of Southwestern Style in your home.

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