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Decorating In Art Deco Style

 Decorating In Art Deco Style

Art Deco style was developed in France in the beginning of the 20th century and spread throughout the world after the war.  Because of the popularity of this style, it had to be mass produced, and was not just for the rich and famous.  Art Deco movement removed all the classical decor elements, replacing them with geometric shapes, modern materials and methods of decorating. 

The main influence for Art Deco style was Art Nouveau style.  Art Deco rejected the smooth shapes and soft pastel colors, but kept art-deco-rugthe natural motifs.  Glamour can be seen in Art Deco through lots of mirrors, cocktail cabinets, fancy lighting and rich, shiny fabrics. 

This style is a lot about bold shapes, outlines, geometric forms and curves.  With popularity of traveling Art Deco went out of France and reached many countries.  Pyramids and sphinxes added to the style, influenced by Egyptian culture.  Animal skins, pearl, ivory and tortoiseshell came from Africa and added to this style in other countries.   

Popular materials to use were glass, chrome, shiny fabrics like silk and furs, mirrors and tiles.  It was popular to mix contrasting materials, like fur and polished wood, satin and mirrors.

The main highlights for the Art Deco furniture are bold geometric shapes.  Popular materials are pine, maple, mahogany and walnut.  Glass or metal decorating accessories also added to the style.  Shapes were highlighted and strong.  Art Deco furniture came mostly as one piece rather than a set.  The glass was enameled, sandblasted or etched. 

Some examples of Art Deco furniture are a cocktail cabinet that's black and shiny, leather club chair, or a female figure lamp holding a lit up glass ball. 

Art Deco paintings included bold geometric designs in strong contrasting colors.  Geometric shapes were also included in such accessories as area rugs, lamps, curtains and clocks.  Polished shiny floors and leopard prints added to the style.  Some of more natural motifs, like sunrises, flowers and shells were also used.   

Colors just like the furniture were in contrasting combinations, like black with white, red and yellow.  This was a popular color scheme for the living room.  Pale colors, like beige, cream, pale yellow, peach and light green were popular for the bedroom. 


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