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Decorating In Cottage Style

 Decorating In Cottage Style

Cottage style decorating is simple and relaxing.  It is also known as "shabby chic".  Plenty of free space is the key to creating this style.  Get rid of all the unnecessary items to keep the room spacious and uncluttered.  Reuse special items.  For example, use a pretty candy container as a pencil holder. 

Instead of buying new furniture, repair your old pieces.  The beauty of the cottage style is its inventiveness and love for things of the past.  Cottage decorating theme can’t be bought in the store as a theme - you have to create it.  Go to flea markets and antique stores to pick up furniture and decorating materials that are one of a kind.  All furnishings in this style should feel handmade and renovated. 

Fabrics should have patterns, like simple florals, gingham and stripes.  Use these patterns for decorative pillows, curtains, towels and throws.   

Add lots of nature to your house.  Cover your windowsill with plants and flowers.  Plant vegetables.  You can find lots of great pottery for the plants to add to the style.  If you have a garden, make it special and unique. 

Simple colors go great with this style.  White is usually used the most as the main background color.  White makes any space look bigger and makes other colors stand out. 

cottage decorating palette

Show appreciation to your home by keeping and repairing all the old things you love.  If you live in the city, the relaxing, cozy feel of cottage style decorating can be just what you need when you come home.

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