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Decorating In Gothic Style

 Decorating In Gothic Style

Gothic style was created before 1500's, came back in the 19th century and you can still see the leftovers of this style now.  It was inspired by the Medieval and Roman design.  Gothic style is not as popular as some other styles, like Victorian, but it’s very ornate and decorated. 

This style was influenced by the church.  It is the first real ecclesiastical style that represented the reign of the Catholic Church in Europe.  New methods of construction were developed with open tracery and fancy carved wood, and these techniques can be seen in the Gothic style furniture. 

Gothic style is based on old fancy churches.  Because of the high arches of the old architecture, vertical direction is predominant.  Light is a very important part of Gothic style.  Windows were huge and light poured into enormous interiors.  Some of the attributes of this style are rose ornate designs, stained glass, large fireplaces, wooden beams overhead and lots of candle lighting. 


Colors here reflect the Victorian style.  They are dark and rich.  Interiors were mostly dark brown, forest green or black with touches of gold, dark red and purple.   

Stencil design and wallpaper were also popular, and had floral and leaf motifs.  Walls were painted to look like stone.  Stained glass was further decorated with different metals and candles.  Popular were all types of decor accessories made out of carved wood. 

Furniture here is mostly oak with all kinds of Gothic themes.  It’s usually black or dark brown with carved motifs.  Old church benches can add to the look.  Arts and Crafts and Victorian furniture can also add to this style, because Gothic style has a lot of similarities to these styles.

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