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Decorating In Rustic Style

 Decorating In Rustic Style

Rustic style decorating will remind you of ski resorts and log cabins.  It’s very in touch with nature and has a sense of village life. 

The furniture in rustic decorating is very basic.  There is no fanciness to it.  There are stores that sell only rustic style furniture.  This type of furniture looks like it’s made of wooden logs and trees.  Rustic furniture is sturdy and leaves an impression of being in one place for many years. 

Lighting should be in every room, including main source of light as well as task lighting.  General light can be in the form of a ceiling fan or a chandelier.  Consider an animal inspired theme when it comes to lighting.  For task lights use wooden bases. 

Pattern is very important in rustic decor.  Patterns should not be floral or modern.  Fabrics should reflect animal and nature themes.  Patterns with trees or pine cones are great for this look.  You can also include some plaids and stripes that match the rest of the decor. 

Colors here are very natural.  Pick wood and earth tones.  Such colors as greens, browns, beiges and oranges are very popular for this theme.  The colors that you pick should be represented throughout the room.  Have these colors repeat in furniture, fabrics and decor.  You can have one pop color, like red repeat throughout your accessories for more interest. 


The overall idea of rustic decorating is a cozy getaway.  Make this interior reflect the kind of relaxation you get on a ski resort or at a log cabin.

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