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Decorating In Western Style

 Decorating In Western Style

Western style decorating is about living on a ranch, cowboy and nature.  This style of decorating is all about natural materials.  Think about adding more leather, wood, metal and rock to your home. 

Furniture in Western style is rough and bulky.  It’s big, but simple in construction and design.  Wood is a popular material in Western furniture.   

Flooring here is natural and simple.  Hardwood or flagstone are most appropriate.  To add to the Western decor, scatter Native American and nature related area rugs.  Area rugs will make natural surface floors less cold. 

Lighting has to match your Western theme.  Lamps with natural bases, like wood or metal are great.  Lampshades with nature themes will also work.  Make your lighting be simple and functional 

If your windows have a great view of nature, river or mountains, leave them without window coverings.  If you decided to use window treatments, make them simple, like shutters, straight panels or simple valances. 

Fabrics should have Native American influences.  Cowboy prints and nature prints work well here.  For a simpler look choose plain fabrics, like denim, suede, leather and wool. 

Accessories should include some Western motifs, like horses, saddles, cowboys, nature prints, wild animals, Native American crafts, forest scenes, mountains, wildflowers and rivers.  You can apply these motifs to decorative pillows, wall decor, knickknacks, and printed throws. 

Try looking in village marts and flea markets for items to go with your Western decor, like bold quilts, barrels, farm tools, horseshoes and pottery.  You can make your own decor out of some old Western things, like make an old barrel be a plant vase, or make a pencil holder out of old horseshoes. 

Some additional decorating objects can be metal knobs and switches, fringes, things made out of twigs, and beaded details. 

Colors in Western style are those found in nature.  Choose rich browns, all shades of beige, greens, reds and golds.  Some accessories can look good with touches of gray and cream.


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