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Decorating In Bauhaus Style

 Decorating In Bauhaus Style

The Bauhaus style started out as a school for architecture.  It was founded in 1918 by Walter Gropius, who believed that all things should have "form that follows function".  Bauhaus movement came from Arts and Crafts movement after the World War I.   

This style favored all simple things with function.  New technology, materials and mass production of furniture were developing.  The Bauhaus style offered great classical shapes of things without extra decoration - a highly functional, clean way of living. 

The walls were simple without moldings.  They were usually in white or a neutral color.  Experiments with new materials brought about the idea of using glass as a wall.  Glass bricks are part of the new wall ideas.   

Flooring here is all about natural elements.  Materials like brick, stone, wood and cork are widely used, and compliment the glass walls.  Kilim rugs and other rugs with abstract patterns are popular floor coverings.   

Curtains in Bauhaus style are plain white.  Sometimes the Venetian blinds are used.  Simple window accessories allow the light to shine through without taking away the openness of the space.  Having no window coverings is also part of the style. 

Accessories are based on organic textures and forms.  Fabrics are covered in interesting patterns.  Patterned decorative pillows and sculpted glass ashtrays are part of this style.  The industrial style accessories are balanced out by natural materials, like wood, twigs and bamboo.   

Colors are primary plus pops of brights.  Bauhaus style is known for combinations of black and white with colorful highlights.  The walls serve as backgrounds in black, gray, brown, beige and white.  These colors let all the furnishings and decorating accessories stand out.  Bursts of primary colors, like yellow, blue and red add life to the mellow industrial Bauhaus style.


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