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Adding Color To Your House

 Adding Color To Your House

Color can create a strong visual impression of your house.  It can make interiors look warm or cool, energizing and hectic or calm and cozy, large or small. 

You can like colors or neutrals, but if you have expensive or hard-to-change elements, then leave them neutral.  There are different kinds of color trends that can be explored by playing around with inexpensive accessories and paint.  If you have white and neutral interiors, you can easily change your accessories to match current trends or for the change of season. 

To create more drama in a boring room, use variations of tints and shades of colors.  This principle can be applied to brights or neutrals.  Do the same with color.  If you have a lot of blue, make objects different values and intensities of blues.  Baby blue, bright blue, turquoise and navy together with white. 

Add colorful accessories to your room that can later be changed or removed.  Things like pillows, pictures and candles are great for this purpose.  Changing room's accessories will allow you to explore trend possibilities for your house and also have fun with your decor.  Fresh fruit and flowers will give any room energy and freshness, especially if decorating a neutral space. 

Paint is one of the best decorating materials.  It is inexpensive and can be redone quickly.  To make a fast change of the look of a room, paint window and door trims in a color that's different from the wall color. 

decorating-with-color1If interior looks a little blend and you need a focal point, use one bright color.  Black can be a color that's used to let another one stand out.  For example, in a white and black room, hot pink can be your focal point color.  In a bright room, tone down some things by keeping them neutral to let brighter things become your focal point.   

Color can set the mood.  Pastels and neutrals make interiors seem serene.  Bright splashes of color create energy.  Make the colors work together with the goals you set for each room.  Do you want the interior to represent comfort and peace, or fun and entertainment? 

Decorating interest always lies in textures.  Whatever your color palette, try to add some texture to your decor.  For whites, it could be furs, wools or linens.  Bright colors need less texture, but you can throw in some slubby yarns, crochet items and shiny surfaces for a fun look.  A room with one texture and color will always look boring. 

Patterns can create interest where you don't have a lot going on.  Since a pattern is at least two colors, you can play with shades and tints of both colors to pop up your decorating accessories.

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