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The Easiest Color Scheme For Any Room

 The Easiest Color Scheme For Any Room

If you are not sure what colors to mix together when decorating your room, start with white.  Pick your favorite color, like blue or pink and add white into different shades of that color.  This color combination will never seem boring if you pick white and mix it with let’s say blue, but in every range possible.  Baby blues, electric blues, warm blues, cool blues, navies and white.  When you have strong contrast between light and dark tones of color, it creates energy.  White unifies all these contrasts to create harmony between them. 

Decorating magazines or pattern books can help you find the color to mix with white.  Once you pick one out, figure out what you would like the colors to do for the room.  If the space is large and you want it to look more cozy, pick a dark, bright shade of that color for the walls.  If your space is small and you want it to visually look bigger, pick light shades of color for the walls.  For the furnishings, mix shades and tints of one color and add white into the mix. 

If you are unsure of a background color for your bright accessories, pick white and neutral tones for floors, walls and furniture.  Spicing white and neutral interiors with bright pops, splashes and groups of colors can look very fresh. 

To take away some of the brightness out of white, add a little black to it.  You can also add a little bit of your favorite color to white to make your room look in perfect harmony with the other colors in it. 

To liven up any white surface, use texture.  For example, instead of solid white wallpaper, use one that has cream and beige flowers or patterns on white background.  If your wall is white, paint on off-white, beige, light yellow, light blue or any other light colored stripes.  You can also use stencils on the wall to repeat a pattern of your choice. 

If you love white, but want to spice it up, play around with matte and shiny finishes.  Use high-gloss white paint on furniture and matte white paint on walls.  Spice up the room with accessories that have shades of color and white together, and get a refreshing look for any room in your house.

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