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How To Use Patterns In Decorating

 How To Use Patterns In Decorating

Pattern is easy to use in small doses.  Just add some decorative pillows, plates or pictures.  If you want to use a lot of patterns in one room, be careful not to make it look tacky and cluttered.  

To start, pick out colors and patterns that define your personality.  Put together color and pattern swatches from magazines and internet.  Collect pieces of prints that you like.  It could be something from a lampshade, a ribbon, an old dress.  Put them together and make a swatch book. 

Update an old style.  Pick a Victorian floral pattern, but in bright colors and large scale.  Pair up opposites, like bold floral and gingham to balance out the room. 

If there is a fabric company or a designer that you love, work with them.  It's the same as with clothes, where you know what colors and patterns look good on you.  Try on colors and patterns for your home the same way as if you were trying on clothes.  Experiment!  Approach decorating a room as if you were creating an outfit for yourself.  Start with main parts - colors and patterns for walls and furniture.  Finish it by matching accessories to the room, like patterned pillows, pictures and decorations.  If something looks just okay to you, don't use it.  You have to love where you live. 

Repeat colors throughout patterns to help unite them.   For example, if your rug has a pop of red, pick a patterned pillow that has red in it.  Use contrasting fabrics for drama.  Combine an Asian rug, French silk pillows and damask curtains.  Even if all the fabrics vary in pattern, connect them by using a few similar colors throughout patterns.  

If you are on a budget and want to add pattern to your room, pick accessories.  Get a few pillows in different sizes and patterns.  Decorate your candles in patterned ribbons and trims.  

Patterns are also great, because they hide stains.  If you have kids or pets and want to protect your couch and pillow fabrics, you can purchase slipcovers that come in a variety of colors and patterns.  Slipcovers can be easily removed for cleaning and can offer a temporary change in the style of your room.

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