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How To Combine Patterns In Decorating

 How To Combine Patterns In Decorating

Combining patterns is difficult, even if you have experience in decorating.  Here are a few basic rules to help guide you towards the best decorating combinations. 

Think about the size of the space you are working with.  If the room is large, small patterns can get lost in it.  Big patterns will overwhelm a room that is small.  There are some exceptions to this rule.  If you have a small room, like a bathroom or an entrance hall, a large pattern can make the room seem big and dominant.  A small pattern can look great on large window curtains, if embellished with solid ribbons and trims.   

The easiest way to combine patterns is by color.  Pick one color and then pick patterns that are predominantly shades and tints of that color.  For example, mix white and blue pattern with turquoise, blue with navy pattern.  To simplify your choices, pick patterns with white in it.  White reduces the clutter of the print and smoothes any combination. 

Pay attention to the repeat of the pattern and what you want to use it for.  If the print is huge, you probably don't want to use it for pillows or decorative boxes, because it will be lost.  An intricate pattern will surely be lost in the folds of curtains.  If you are not sure how to use a pattern, buy a yard of it and test it in your interior.   

Varying sizes and scales of patterns can create a beautiful combination for a room.  It's best to combine simple patterns with complicated ones.  For example, a small stripe, a polka dot and a large floral. 

Use more than 50% of the pattern you love and less of the ones that are just okay.  Repeat it in another section of the room, even if it's in different color and scale.  

Try not to let others mix your patterns for you.  It might look very boring and safe, or too messy.  Choose a pattern you like and use it the most, adding other favorites that go with it.   

Patterns can change your perception of the interiors.  Create a focal point with a large, bold, geometric pattern in a bathroom.  If you are missing a focal point in your living room, hang patterned curtains and arrange decorative boxes in different patterns around the room. 

Changing a decorating style is easy with patterns.  Gingham, for example, is part of a relaxed Country style.  A large, bright geometric pattern in small doses can look Contemporary.  An intricate floral pattern will remind of Victorian era.  Figure out what style you want for your room before picking out patterns.   

Change your room's visual shape by applying pattern.  In a long, narrow room use bold, bright pattern to make the room look more square and put bright pillows on a couch to make it seem closer up.  If your ceiling is too low, use vertical stripes to raise it visually.  If the ceiling is too high up, use horizontal stripes to lower it.

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