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How To Use Scale In Decorating

 How To Use Scale In Decorating

Scale is visual size of things.  It's how furnishings fit in the room and next to each other.  Using different scales of objects creates unique interiors.  Try varying big and small things, low and tall.  Using all small furnishings in a small room will not look good.  It will not have a visual effect.   

Look through decorating magazines to see how scale works in different interiors.  Then apply it to your own house.  Try putting together objects of various sizes in different combinations to see what you like. 

Create drama by grouping objects of different scales. If everything in your room is the same size, then nothing will catch your eye and stand out. 

Grouping small items, like accessories and furniture can create scale in a room that's large.  For small objects the lesson is this:  combine similar small furnishings to create size, but always add one or two bigger elements to the mix.   

To make a small room seem bigger, have one object in an unexpectedly large size.  For example, hang a huge painting that will take up most of one wall.  Or put an oversized couch in the center of the room. 

Objects on the sides of the couch don't have to match.  Make them different scales to increase visual appeal.  Put a small coffee table on one side and a decent size armchair on the other.

Begin decorating a room with a big piece of furniture.  Put a sofa where you want it, then add smaller pieces of furniture to the room, so that everything visually fits together.  Sometimes, two objects that are similar in scale, like an armchair and a table might not look good next to a large couch.  Vary your scales for a unique look.

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