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How To Use Balance In Decorating

 How To Use Balance In Decorating

Balance in decorating works like a seesaw.  If your living room arrangement lacks a stabilizing object, like an armchair or a painting, the room will feel unbalanced.  If you have a large couch, it's not necessary to add another large piece of furniture to the living room.  Your alternative can be grouping a table, a couple of chairs and a nice painting around the couch.  Grouped together, these furnishings will visually match the weight of the couch. 

Formal symmetry is when you have two or more items that are the same.  It's a mirror-image balance.  They are a perfect match, like two identical chairs put on both sides of a sofa or are very similar in shape, color or size.  Symmetry is soothing to look at, but can become boring if you don't have a pop item, such as a picture, flowers, or something that stands out.  

Asymmetrical balance is created when you evenly distribute visual weight of objects without them being similar.  A tall object can balance out a short, wide object.  If you have one single huge item on one side of the table, put a few objects of different shapes on the other side of the table. 

balance-in-decorating-2Radial balance is similar to the dial on the clock.  The example is chairs arranged around the table.  Objects in radial balance don't have to be the same.  Similar furnishings can create more visual interest than the identical ones. 

Color can help in balancing out the room.  Dark furniture looks larger than light furniture.  To make the room look more spacious, pick light furniture.  To balance out a room filled with dark colors, scatter colorful, bright accessories around the room. 

When painting one wall in two different colors, apply darker, brighter colors to the bottom of the wall, and lighter colors to the top.  This way the room will look even, and not top-heavy.  If your ceilings are very high and the windows are tall, add at least another tall object to the room.  It could be a vertical painting or an arrangement of photographs that stretch up the wall.

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