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How To Use Texture In Decorating

 How To Use Texture In Decorating

Texture is all about touch.  It's not as dramatic as patterns and colors, but it adds coziness, warmth and appeal to your home design.  Texture for home decorating should be approached in the same way as your fashion.  What fabrics are in your closet?  What are your favorite textures?  Do you like fun and shiny or quiet and matte?  Are you more drawn to cool stone or warm wood?  Physically touch fabrics and materials to see what you like best. 

Include texture in your home decor.  If you like wood, have hardwood floors and wooden furniture.  If you like stone, surround your fireplace in it and purchase a couple of sculptures. 

Mix and match textures, where you will have smooth and rough, and shiny and matte in one room.  This will give your decor interest and personality.  Soften shiny tiled floor with a cozy area rug.  Create contrast by having shiny, polished furniture and matte walls. 

Set the mood and style with texture.  Smooth, matte and woven textures look cozy and might be great for bedrooms and kitchens.  Rough, shiny and odd textures create energy and are best for living rooms and bathrooms.  Fine, soft fabrics are feminine.  Metallic, rough fabrics are great for a masculine influence.  Shiny, sleek surfaces are modern.

Textures can be repeated for a unified look.  If you have wicker furniture, put a wicker basket on the other side of the room.  If your upholstery is done in velvet, throw a couple of velvet pillows on the couch. 

It's easy to change the mood of the room by changing your textures.  For the change in seasons, replace your linens form wools in the winter to cotton in the summer.  Redecorate your living room to match the current trends by replacing knit or corduroy fabrics with silk or velvet ones.

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