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Decorating A Home With Texture

 Decorating A Home With Texture

When decorating a house with texture, let it set the mood for your interiors.  Country, classic or modern look will be achieved by picking textures that remind you of the style.  Smooth textures, like silk rugs and cotton curtains make interiors look traditional, but not so formal.  Curvy objects, like ruffled velvet curtains or waves carved into a vase look more feminine.  Smooth surfaces, like stainless steel or leather are more masculine. 

Combine textures with different colors, patterns and shapes for maximum effect.  For example, consider shiny, knit, round pillow.  It has color, texture and shape in one object.  This combination makes an object unique.  The more special objects you have in your decor, the more your personal style stands out. 

Color can be a supporting element to texture.  If you are using natural colors for things that are textured, they become a focal point.  If you are using a bright color, like yellow, combine it with a smooth, shiny texture, like glass or tile.  If you are using a calm color, like brown, pair it with carved wood or wicker.  

Mix textures to show off their range.  Put a shiny crystal vase on a knit table cover.  Throw a mohair pillow on a leather couch.  Also, mix old and new.  Vintage things tend to bring warmth into interiors.  If you have a lot of surfaces that are metallic, shiny and sleek, make the room look cozier by bringing in some antique pieces. 

Textures that stand out and are vibrant are best for a living room.  Rooms like bathroom that require more peace, can be quieter in texture as well. 

Between color, pattern and texture, the last one is most personal.  You always want to touch a texture.  Make this invitation by creating a combination of a few textures.  It's as simple as setting a table with smooth china, silk linen and metallic candleholders. 

If you have too many objects in one room, it will look cluttered.  All these objects have some sort of texture and too much is not good.  Separate your furniture and accessories in a way that groups them, but doesn't clutter the room.  Leave certain spaces without objects so that the eye can rest. 

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