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How To Create Rhythm In Decorating

 How To Create Rhythm In Decorating

Rhythm is how you combine colors, shapes and patterns in a room.  It makes your interiors interesting, because your eye constantly travels from object to object.  It can be graceful and slow, or playful and fast.  Big, bold pattern will have the eye jumping, and soft, smaller pattern will calm you down. 

Shapes of furnishings add rhythm.  Play around with the shapes.  Observe the shape of rectangular doors and windows, the roundness of a table and the curves of the vases.  Arranging objects with similar shapes around a room will keep the eye moving.  To create even more movement, have the objects be different scales. 

Repeating patterns, like stripes or florals around the room will set the tempo.  If you have a small floral pattern on curtains, put a large floral painting in the room.  If your wall is painted in stripes, purchase a striped lampshade.   

Repeating a color throughout a room created rhythm and keeps the eye moving.  It also balances out the interior.  Bold, bright colors add the speed, while dim, light colors slow things down. 

An odd, rough texture will add to movement.  Metal, glass and other shiny materials will do the same when put together with coarse textures. 

For more dynamic, put small objects in groups.  When accessories are individually scattered throughout the room, there is no impact.  If you have too much going on in one space and you want to calm the room down, take away some patterns and objects.

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