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Mixing Balance, Scale And Rhythm In Decorating

 Mixing Balance, Scale And Rhythm In Decorating

If your house is small, buy bigger pieces of furniture and leave free space between them.  When you have too many small furnishings in a small room, it will feel full and cluttered.  Selecting bigger furniture will make it look roomier.  This is one method of applying scale in decorating. 

When using balance to design a room, use such strategies as radial symmetry, symmetry and asymmetry.  Arrange your furniture and accessories using these balance methods for a more eye pleasing display.  You can create symmetry with objects that are similar, but not identical for more interest. 

Putting small objects near each other instead of scattering them around the room will build scale and minimize clutter.  Use this to arrange your bookshelves or a kitchen countertop. 

If your house is small and you need more space for furnishings that you want to show off, create built-ins.  That's a great way to gain space.  You can make a bookcase built-in, for example, for storage and extra space. 

Shape in furniture is the most unchangeable attribute.  Most of the furniture is square or rectangular.  Repeat these shapes throughout rooms to achieve consistency.  If you have a great round coffee table, get a round picture and hang it in the same room.  Then take a round mirror and hang it in the hallway. 

Use rhythm to make the eye move around the room.  This creates interest in your interiors.  When the rooms are mostly neutral, use splashes of brighter colors in accessories to energize them. 

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