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Planning Out The Look Of Your Home

 Planning Out The Look Of Your Home

The style you want for your home, the number of people there, budget and the size of it will put restrictions on decorating.  To help you define the look of the house, create a decorating notebook. 

You can begin by putting together these supplies: a binder with plastic sleeves, measuring tape, scissors, pencil, ruler and graph paper.  The sleeves will hold paint chips, fabric samples and furniture templates. 

Take pictures of all the rooms to get an idea of the general layout.  Collect all the pictures into a plastic sleeve.  Measure out each room and draw simple shapes of the rooms on graph paper.  Include places for windows, doors, fixtures and outlets in your drawing. 

Draw simple shapes of furniture that you have on paper.  Then cut those shapes out.  Make sure to approximately match the scale of the furniture to the room size. 

planning out your homeNow concentrate on one room at a time.  Place the cut out furniture items in the drawn room.  The advantage of planning out your room on paper is that you can easily rearrange it as much as you want until you find the perfect solution.  Make photos of your personal style board and pick out elements out of it that you would like to put in each room.  Then cut out those elements and place them into the room you drew. 

When you are happy with your arrangements, glue all the pieces of furniture and design elements to the drawn plan of the room.  It's okay if this comes out very sketchy and rough.  You will have a good idea of where to start with decorating each room. 

Go through interior decorating magazines for more ideas.  If something you find will work for your living room or bedroom, cut it out and put it together with that room's collage.  Look through paint chips and fabric samples for additional design ideas.  If you have extras that do not fit into your room decor now, put them aside.  You can always use these colors or fabrics for room's accessories later on. 

If you are no longer considering an idea, get rid of it.  You have to be happy with your plan, so concentrate on the best decorating solution for each room.

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