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Tips For Decorating With Lighting

 Tips For Decorating With Lighting

For dining room or a home office, the chandelier should be two feet narrower than the length of the table.  The bottom of the chandelier has to hang at least 30" above the table.  For a very tall ceiling, hang a chandelier at least 3 feet above the table and make sure that the light is bright enough to provide illumination for the whole room. 

A lampshade should always be wider than its base.  This way the lamp will look balanced.  The shade has to be placed on the base in a way that reveals the base's neck. 

Short floor lamps should come up to your shoulder level when you are sitting.  Place tall floor lamps at least 20" behind the table or a reading area and 15" to the side.  This way you will get the best light and it will not strain your eyes. 

Accent lights are great for calling attention to one particular object or to light up the whole wall.  For this, position a row of lights on the ceiling about two feet away from the wall.  To highlight one object, install a lighting fixture that's at least as bright as your general light and position it at a 30 degree angle. 

For every 20 square feet of space, have at least one light source.  Task lighting should be arranged about 5 feet apart and be bright enough for this part of the room.

Sconces should be hung at least 5 feet high from the floor.  They should hang above eye level.  Desk lamp bulb has to be 15" above the surface of the table.

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