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Decorating Windows

 Decorating Windows

The purpose of the windows is to provide natural light and air, while letting us see out.  While all this is important, we also need our privacy and have to be able to control the natural light coming in.  This is where the window treatments become necessity.  They can add color, pattern and style to any room, while providing privacy and light control. 

When picking out window treatments, ask yourself these questions:Are your windows beautiful enough to show off without much covering?  Do you like simple, modern, one layer effects, or a more classical layered look? 

If the window is single and small, you can enlarge it by hanging flowing curtains high above the window and at least a foot away from it.  The window that's perfect in size can use a shade or even just a top treatment.  If your ceilings are low, you can visually raise them by installing the curtain rod far above the frame of the window. 

If you have multiple windows, decide how you want to treat them.  You can treat them as one window or the series.  To make all windows look unified, hang one long curtain.  If you want each window to look as a separate piece, hang shades, blinds or curtains on each window separately.  You can even use tiebacks on each curtain to visually separate them.

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