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How To Treat And Care For Specialty Curtains

 How To Treat And Care For Specialty Curtains

Before you purchase the curtains, make sure they do not have fabric flaws and crooked seams.  It will be very difficult to embellish fabric that has imperfections and the look might get ruined. 

When the fabric is selected, iron it or steam it to remove all wrinkles.  This will give you a better idea of the real size of the fabric you are working with.  Also, it is easier to position trims and ribbons on a smooth surface. 

Most fabric glues should be able to withstand the stress of the washing machine.  Make sure that the one you are using can be machine washed.  This glue will dry clear and flexible.  To get the perfect glue line, cut the tip of the tube to the very top.  If the glue dries at the tip during the project, poke it with a pin.  For the best results, run a thin, even line of glue along the edge of the ribbon or trim.  Try not to put drops of it here and there. 

Most window treatments are meant for washing machines.  After decorating yours with delicate trims or ribbons, you might want to hand-wash them instead.  If you are not sure about washing your curtains in the washing machine, hand-wash them with a gentle detergent and hang the curtains up to dry.

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