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Adding Details To The Curtains

 Adding Details To The Curtains

A fresh, unique approach to hanging curtains is hanging by tabs.  If you have a beautiful rod that you want to show off, make the tabs large and space them out enough so you can see the rod.  For a modern decorative look, make the tabs unusually large and embellish them with buttons or trims. 

Ribbons have infinite possibilities when decorating your curtains.  One way to create a pretty, romantic look is to pick ribbons of the same material as the curtains, thread them through the curtain's round openings and hang the curtain by the ribbon tied in a bow at the top.  If your curtain doesn't have the circular openings for hanging, create them by cutting dime size shapes along the top, 4" apart. 

Simple fabric swag can add Victorian elegance to any window.  Choose lace or a sheer, light material.  The fabric piece has to be long enough to hang down from both sides of the rod to the floor and drape in the middle.  Wrap each side of the curtain rod once and let the rest hang down.  The middle part of the fabric that's hanging on the rod can be wrapped a couple of times for a charming, romantic effect.  You can use the swag alone on the curtain rod or in combination with curtains. 

For a modern, minimalistic look, use bold grommets to hang your curtains.  Purchase a grommet kit to achieve the look.  This can have an industrial, highly stylized effect. 

To highlight the very top of the curtain, embellish it with something.  It could be as simple as gluing a row of fabric flowers along the line of the rod, a textured trim, buttons or a line of beads.  Pick any crafts or decorating materials that match either your curtains or close by accessories and attach it to the top of the curtain.

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