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How To Shop For Furniture

 How To Shop For Furniture

Before purchasing furniture do your research.  There are many helpful catalogs and magazines.  Look through them to select the styles you like.  Pull out pages with furniture sets and separates, and put them next to each other to see what your style is. 

To get a great combination of furnishings you don't have to buy a set.  Furniture pieces have to complement each other, but do not have to match.  For an interesting layout of a room, combine rectangular, circular and other shapes of furnishings.  Consider a round coffee table, for example, next to a rectangular sofa. 

Use unexpected pieces of furniture.  Instead of a coffee table, put a vintage trunk in your living room.  Instead of a kitchen pantry, choose an armoire.  Try replacing ordinary pieces with something that can serve the same purpose. 

Consider scale of the furniture and your room size.  If the space is small, it doesn't mean that all of the furniture in it has to be small.  Actually, one large piece of furniture will make a small space feel bigger.  To get more inspiration, look through magazines to see how furnishings fit together in different surroundings. 

Bargain stores, outlets and even flea markets can offer a variety of discounted furniture.  Some of these pieces are vintage.  If you are on a budget, you can purchase furniture in one of those stores and then polish and stain it yourself. 

Buying two instead of one can have a great visual effect.  If you have a large living room, purchase four small square coffee tables and put them together. 

Big, expensive items will look better in the long run if they are neutral in color.  If you are planning for this piece of furniture to last at least a few years, select it in a color that can easily go with any room style.  This way you can purchase colorful, fun accessories that will spice the place up and create focal points. 

If you found a pricey piece of furniture that you absolutely love, buy it.  If it's expensive, it will probably last you a long time and make you happy every time you walk into the room.

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