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How To Pick Out Soft Seating

 How To Pick Out Soft Seating

Construction of the seating system of a chair or sofa tells you about the quality of the item.  There are two types of construction.  The traditional way is eight way hand tied, which is more expensive, but lasts a long time.  Another construction type is sinuous springs.  It's less expensive, but might not last as long as the traditional construction.   

Before purchasing furniture, sit in it.  See how it feels to you.  Be careful buying seats that cave in.  Over time this furniture might weaken and leave a sinkhole. 

For the best durability, look for frames made out of hardwood, like oak.  Softer wood that's about 1.5" thick is also good.  Quality furniture will have dowels at the joints.  Low quality furniture will not have dowels and is usually made out of plywood.  All good frames use glue, staples or screws and the corners are joined by corner blocks. 

Fabrics that go into making of the sofa or chair vary in prices.  If the fabric is expensive, it does not mean that it will last a long time.  Silk is pricey, but sensitive and cotton twill is cheap, but durable.  Upholstery fabrics are mostly made from a mixture of fibers, some of which are synthetic.  Synthetic fabrics are stain-resistant and durable.  Manufacturers will put a stain-resistant coating on most fabrics to make them more durable.

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