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Decorating A Tabletop

 Decorating A Tabletop

Arranging similar objects on the table will look more eye pleasing than arranging miscellaneous thing.  Play around with different combinations of colors, shapes, textures and layouts until you are happy with your arrangement. 

Since this is your personal space that you are decorating, what are some of the things that you would like to see in your surroundings?  Is it family photos or maybe things you have made yourself? 

When decorating a side table, play around with different textures.  Combine a shiny glass vase with a soft chenille table cover.  Put a wooden basket next to an iron candleholder.  For a great scent and texture, bring in fresh flowers or plants. 

Candles are a wonderful decorating element.  They create coziness, aroma and a sparkling elegance.  While candles could be plain, candleholders are unlimited in textures and shapes.  Make them an addition to the tabletop arrangement. 

Balance, scale and rhythm can be used to achieve the most unique layout.  Use symmetrical balance to create a classical look or asymmetrical layout for an element of surprise.  Combining large and small scales of elements will create drama.  Repeat colors, patterns and textures to make the eye dance across the surfaces.

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