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How To Dress Up A Chair

 How To Dress Up A Chair

If you have boring solid or foldable chairs, decorate them for a party or a family dinner.  With these ideas, it's not necessary to use slipcovers.  Just use your imagination instead. 

Take a wide ribbon and wrap it around the chair top.  Tie it with a big bow at the back or just pin down the two ends of the ribbon with a safety pin. 

chair bowDrape an oversized scarf or a napkin over the back of the chair.  Let the fabric just flow.  This makes a beautiful chair decoration for a sweet sixteen or a Christmas dinner. 

To change the look of a boring chair seat, cover it with a fabric napkin.  Pin the four ends of the square napkin to the sides of the seat. 

To add a romantic look to a chair, drape it with a layer of lace or tulle that falls under the chair.  Sew a few silk flowers to the fabric for more charm. 

Decorate chair legs with ribbons.  Tack down two ribbons to the underside of the seat close to each leg.  Wrap the ribbons around each leg and tack to the bottom of each leg.  This is a great technique to hide ugly metal chair legs. 

Change a look of a chair back by draping a throw over it.  Or you can take a pretty shawl and wrap it around the chair back.  Then tie it in the back with a bow or let the ends hang down.  If there isn't enough fabric, just make a bow, pin a couple of real or fabric flowers in the middle, and pin the whole bow to the back of the chair.  Fabric makes a great decorating accessory.

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