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Space Saving Tips For Your Home (part 1)

 Space Saving Tips For Your Home (part 1)

One space expanding strategy that works well when moving into a new house is developing color palette that will unify the rooms.  Do this before moving in.  Have some of your colors repeat throughout all the rooms so that the house has a unified look.  You can repeat the same materials and textures, like wooden floors and window shutters so that all rooms look cohesive. 

When planning out storage, choose pieces that are closed.  This will eliminate clutter and create peace.  Extra storage can be made by putting storage boxes by the window.  This way you get storage and a window seat.  Get decorative boxes that could be put on top of cabinets.  Hanging curtains a foot out form the wall will make the room appear bigger.  

Clear all clutter before you begin decorating.  This way you will be able to see the space.  Eliminate things you don't need and put them in storage.  Leave only objects you will use and ones that you like to look at.  Clean space always looks bigger than a messy one. 

The brighter the space, the larger it will feel.  Get window coverings that can either be pulled out of the way or can be sheer enough to let the light in.  Light fixtures with dimmers will let you have a bright evening and serve as an accent light if you need it during daytime. 

Arrange your furniture in a way that will let you move throughout the house easily.  Too much furniture will eat up the free space.  Leave only the pieces you need.  Draw a floor plan of your home and take it with you when shopping for furniture.  This way you purchase only what you need and avoid costly mistakes.

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