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Space Saving Tips For Your Home (part 2)

 Space Saving Tips For Your Home (part 2)

Glass visually expands space.  Use transparent furniture, like a glass-top table, crystal chandeliers or cabinets with glass doors.  These glass furnishings will not stuff the space, but add almost invisible function. 

Mirrors do three jobs at once.  They let you see your appearance, let the light balance onto other objects and double the view of everything.  Consider purchasing a floor-to-ceiling mirror to expand your space tremendously.  For a narrow hallway get a collection of small mirrors to hang in a horizontal layout. 

Choose furniture that can also serve as storage, like a bed with shelves on the bottom, an ottoman with storage underneath, or a coffee table that can be used as a desk.  Lots of modern furniture can be used for multiple tasks.  When you really don't have space, consider furniture that doesn't have additional pieces.  Pick an armless chair, nesting or a drop-leaf table and slim sofas.  Change your old TV to a slim flat screen that can be hung on a wall. 

Purchase unskirted furniture to visually expand the floor space.  Any fabric additions that hang off furnishings will take up visual space. 

Put a row of hooks in the hall to hang necessities, like hats, keys and decorating items.  This can save closet space, keep all things organized and easy to find.  You can do the same in the bedroom to display jewelry and in the kitchen for towels and oven mittens. 

Choose art pieces with consideration to your space.  Landscape scenes add a horizon line that gives an illusion of depth.  Water scenes are also space expanding.  Get pictures of beach and tropics for a small room like a bathroom.

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