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Decorating Tips - Choosing Curtains

 Decorating Tips - Choosing Curtains

Being able to control the amount of light you get through the window is very important.  You might want more light in the room like kitchen and living room, and less light in the bedroom for privacy.  Sheer fabrics and laces filter the light, but do not block it.  They also allow the view to be seen.  Cotton based fabrics are translucent and make the light softer.  The curtains that will block the light are woven, lined and insulated curtains.  You should select the right fabric for the type of light you want to achieve. 

If you have draft coming in from your window, get insulated curtains and shades.  They come in many colors and styles.  Insulated curtains also keep the light out, which is perfect for a room like the bedroom.  If you already have the perfect curtains, just purchase insulated lining.  This lining usually comes in white or natural and looks consistent and neat when you look up to your windows from the street.  Insulated window treatments keep cold out in the winter and let the cold stay inside the room during the summer. 

If you are thinking of using white or natural curtains, there are a few things to consider.  White reflects more light because of its brightness.  It also gives a sharp contrast against the other colors in the room and draws the most attention to the window.  Natural tones look softer and warmer on the window.  These tones will better complement other colors you have in the room.  For a sharper, more modern look, use white.  For a cozy, relaxed look, use naturals. 

The style of curtains you pick depends on the style of the room.  Is it modern or classic?  Depending on your decorating style, you can find any type of window treatments from country to contemporary.  You can also get your curtains tailored so that they look like a certain style.  For a contemporary look, have the curtains hang in a simple way.  Let the fabrics speak for themselves.  For more complicated styles you can combine treatments, layer the fabrics and play around with curtain accessories, so that you have fun in this decorating process. 

To maximize the amount of light coming in, tie back your curtains.  The ties can be high, in the middle or low.  It depends on your personal taste.  Each look will offer different amount of light coming in, and by tying the curtains you can control that amount.  To change the feeling in the room, change the height of the tiebacks every season.  That's a quick decorating trick. 

Layering two or more fabrics is another decorating trick.  It lets you quickly and inexpensively change the window decor.  Layering can also look very beautiful and elegant when combining sheer and heavier fabrics, plain and printed materials.  For the summer have one layer of curtains, and help your house stay warm in the winter with two or more layers. 

Color combinations are a matter of personal choice.  Is your room too blend and needs a little pop?  Or is it too bright with all the items you already have in it, and you want to tone things down?  Prints and patterns will draw attention to the window.  Solid colors let other things in the room stand out, like area rugs, fancy lamps or wallpaper. 



If you are thinking of layering, don't be afraid to mix solid, textured and printed fabrics.  Some of the patterns that can go great together are stripes and florals, polka dots and paisleys, solids and geometrics.  To add more energy to the room, use warm shades, like reds, browns, yellows and oranges.  To make the room relaxing and fresh, use cool tones, like greens, blues or lavenders.  When layering curtain fabrics, make sure that these fabrics have some colors in common to create harmony for your window treatment.

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