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Different Kinds Of Layering For Draperies

 Different Kinds Of Layering For Draperies

When considering extra decorating elements, do not overlook the window.  Windows are considered to be the soul of the room.  Dressing your windows can make all the difference when decorating your house.  It is an easy way to add comfort, privacy, color, pattern and harmony to any room.   

Window treatments can serve a few functions at once.  They can add elegance and comfort to the room, add color and pattern, let light in or keep light out, insulate against the cold, hide a bad view and serve as an additional decorating element.

When you are ready to choose your draperies, ask yourself some questions:

  •      Do you want this room to get a lot of light?  Or would you rather keep it relaxing and romantic?
  •      What style is your room?  Classical or modern?  Should the atmosphere be formal or informal?  Should it have more or less energy?
  •      How many windows are you purchasing draperies for and how are the windows spaced?
  •      Consider the size and shape of each window you are trying to cover.  What would be the best choice of draperies for the kind of window that you have.

Another important question to ask yourself: Are you going to use layers or not?  Windows that are layered look very nice and sophisticated.  Some examples of layers are bamboo rollups and sheers, roman shades and valances, sheers and drapery panels. 

Bamboo rollups are very in design fashion right now.  Bamboo is used not only for windows, but for flooring, textiles and bed coverings.  This material is ideal for minimalism type of design, because of its graphic interest.  Bamboo is very suitable for a loft lifestyle.  Combine bamboo with silk or linen sheers to create a fresh, breezy, serene atmosphere in the room.  To add more privacy to the room, close the sheers and roll the shades up.  To create a sophisticated look, roll down the shade and open the sheer panels. 

To perfect the bamboo rollups and sheers look, try to have exact measurements for the draperies.  The measurements will make all the difference.  If they are not perfect, the draperies can look poorly tailored.  Also, if your curtain rod is too fancy and decorated, the draperies will not stand out as much.  Pick a simple, elegant rod for this window treatment. 

If your windows are narrow, choose Roman shades.  Roman shades create a clean, dimensional look and add distinct lines to the window.  These shades are well structured and you get a lot of options that you can choose from.  Keeping it simple is one of the options. Choose neutral colors or huge modern patterns, like batik or geometric.  Roman shades look fantastic on their own, but you can bring them to another level with a structured valance.  Just hang the valance above the shades.  The valance can work as a great addition to the shades in solid or patterned fabrics. 

The combination of sheers and drapery panels is the most popular.  This grouping is classical in design.  With this combination you can refresh your decor and not spend a lot of money.  Just change the old drapery to a new texture or style.  Make winter warmer with layers of velvet or flannel.  Change the look for the summer with breezy fabrics like silk or linen.  The sheers and drapery panels are multifunctional and carry lots of possibilities.   

Pick up double rods to properly hang this style of window treatments.  You have to be able to open and close the sheers and the heavier drapes separately.  Measure your window frame and pick out drapery panels that are 2.5 or 3 times bigger than the window frame.  If you are into fancy window treatments, decorate with tassels, fringes and tiebacks.   

Explore and embrace the possibilities of your window treatment design.  You can make the draperies custom made to create a one of a kind look.  Add drama with accessories, like trims, tassels, fringes, grommets, tiebacks and bows.  Experiment until you are happy! 

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