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Timber Flooring For Your House

 Timber Flooring For Your House

Timber blocks are made of hardwood species that are laid on concrete.  The patterns that these blocks are laid out in are brick, basket and herringbone.  Timber blocks need a stable, dry environment.  These blocks are attached with an adhesive and are joined by tongue and grove borders. 

Plywood consists of thin layers of timber, which are bonded together.  These layers are placed down face to face, and each adjacent layer runs in the opposite direction.  This makes the board stronger and makes it stiffer than regular solid timber that has the same thickness.  Plywood is moderately durable and will wear down over time.  Its glued or nailed to the floor.  Putting a protective coat on timber floors will make it last longer, protecting it from damage, spills and wear. 

timber-flooring-1Parquet is used mostly in high quality decorating projects.  It comes in square panels, which hold together all the timber pieces.  The base substrate is leveled and cleaned of lumps, and the square panels are glued to the base substrate.  The pattern that this type of flooring makes is three timber pieces facing left and three other pieces facing right.  It comes out looking like a basket weave.  Parquet comes raw or with a coated surface, and if it’s raw it will need a polyurethane finish. 

Floor Boards are used to make houses as well as for flooring.  Timber boards are attached to the floor with nails.  Another way to create a floorboard floor is by putting timber boards into a concrete screed.  If your floor is covered by carpet and you discover timber underneath, strip the carpet and leave the simple beauty of floor boards to add to your interior decorating. 


Chipboard is made of timber chips that are mixed with urea formaldehyde resins.  This combination creates a board and the boards are attached to the floor with nails.  Chipboard is inexpensive, but wears down after time.  When the floor is laid down, it looks like a cork. 

Hardboard is the cheapest type of timber flooring.  It’s made out of soft wood pulp.  Hardboard is usually used to serve as a base for other kinds of flooring.  This floor option is not durable and will not last long.  For more durability you can seal and paint it.

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