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Stone Flooring For Your House

 Stone Flooring For Your House

Marble comes from metamorphic rock.  Metamorphic rock is made by combining sedimentary rocks and igneous that are put through pressure and heat.  Marble is veined in texture and comes in such colors as beige, grey, white, green and others.  This type of flooring is very durable and can be purchased in slabs.  The negative aspects of marble is that its expensive, very cold underfoot and noisy when you walk on it.  The plus is that its popular with interior designers because of the beautiful look and timeless durability. 

Granite is created when molten magma is cooled.  It is a form of igneous rock.  The elements that make up granite are mica and feldspar quartz.  Granite is very durable, will last a long time, resists most chemicals and is very heavy.  This flooring can be very slippery if it is polished, but with a honed finish it’s less slippery.  The colors are limited for granite.  They are green, blue, red, black, grey, or pink.  It comes in slabs and is noisy, cold and expensive.  On the upside, granite is timeless and looks very luxurious from an interior design point of view. 

Slate is made up of iron oxide and silica alumina.  It’s a form of metamorphic rock.  Slate is difficult to work with and lay, because it’s heavy and brittle.  The best way to lay it is into a bed of cement and over concrete.  Slate can be split into layers, which resemble a rustic, rugged look.  If cut correctly, slate is highly durable.  It’s water resistant, cold and noisy, and can be slippery unless you buy a non-slip kind of slate.  


Mosaic is decoratively laid small pieces of stone, glass, or tiles.  The layout is of any patterns or pictures.  This form of flooring is very old and became popular in Byzantine period.  Mosaic that's laid out of tiny pieces is very expensive to purchase and lay down, but highly durable.  It’s cold and noisy underfoot.  To make mosaic more popular and affordable, it is also manufactured in larger pieces, where patterns and designs are already laid out and glued to a backing.  Mosaic is also used as decorating tool and art form for floor and wall borders, around mirrors, splash backs in the bathroom, and framed and hung on the wall as a picture.   

Quartzite is another form of metamorphic rock, which is obtained by taking quartz rock out of sandstone.  It is durable and easy to maintain.  Quartzite is cheaper than slate or marble or granite.  The swirling pattern of quartzite appears when the sandstone is exposed to heat and pressure.  The natural colors for quartzite are brown, red or pink, but other colors appear when there are mineral deposits.  Quartzite has to be polished before using it for flooring.  Interior decorators pick quartzite because it looks beautiful and good for high-traffic area. 


Limestone is taken from sedimentary rocks and is made by organic materials like bone shells.  It mainly consists of calcium carbonate.  Limestone is not the most popular flooring choice, because it’s slippery after wear and not as durable as other materials.  The colors for limestone are usually beige or grey. 

Sandstone is also taken from sedimentary rocks, just like limestone.  It originates out of deposited grains of sand, like quartz.  Sandstone is popular in remodeling outdoors, for things like pavement.  The best thing about sandstone is its natural irregular pattern, which can be in stripes, specks or grains.  The colors for sandstone are beige or brown.  It is stable and durable.

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