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Semi Hard Flooring For Your House

 Semi Hard Flooring For Your House

Linoleum is created out of natural elements, like resin, ground cork, linseed oil, pigments and fillers.  All of these elements are put together and slowly baked at very high temperatures, then pressed onto a Hessian or a jute backing. 

When linoleum was first introduced to the market it was brittle and thin and did not gain popularity.  Its popularity grew once the production methods improved linoleum's quality.  Linoleum's advantages are the many colors it comes in, the great choice of patterns or marbleized effect you can achieve for your home decorating. 

Linoleum is warm underfoot and quiet when you step on it.  When installing linoleum, you have to seal it with a polish, because if water goes under the surface, the linoleum will lift.  You can purchase it in tiles or sheets and glue it to the floor with certain adhesives. 

Rubber can be made from natural rubber or synthetic rubber with added pigments and fillers.  You can purchase rubber flooring in solid colors, marbled or patterns.  Rubber flooring comes in sheets or tiles.  Both come with foam rubber backing, which is great for sound insulation.  The advantages of rubber are that it’s durable and tough, quiet and warm.  It can be concrete or loose laid. 

Cork comes from bark of the evergreen oak.  It’s an all natural flooring choice.  Cork is made by compressing granulated cork blocks with binders, baking it, then cutting the blocks into desired shapes.  Cork is quiet and warm. 


Naturally, cork comes in golden and dark brown colors.  It can also be dyed into a specific color.  Cork is available in many thicknesses, qualities and grades, and makes a great floor insulator.  If you have under floor heating system, do not choose cork as your flooring option, because it will lift.  After gluing down the cork with adhesive, seal it with polyurethane.  Cork tiles that are light can also be used for walls or ceiling. 

Flexible vinyl is another choice of semi hard flooring.  It is made up of resin binders, PVC, pigments and fillers.  Flexible vinyl has the most choices of colors, textures, patterns and thicknesses.  It's waterproof, which is great for the bathroom, but also oil resistant, which can be great for a kitchen.   

Flexible vinyl is great for covering the floors, because it is waterproof.  To make the vinyl non-slip, it is mixed with carborundum or quartz crystals in production.  This kind of floor will be non-slip, but difficult to clean.  Vinyl is attached to the floor with adhesive.  It is warm and quiet underfoot and can be installed if you have floor heating.  Flexible vinyl comes in sheets and tiles, and some come with foam cushion backing.  Vinyl is easy to maintain by wiping it with a wet mop or sponge.

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