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Hard Flooring For Your House

 Hard Flooring For Your House

Some of the hard flooring types described here are cement resin, epoxy resin, polyester resin, polyurethane resin, concrete screeds and terrazzo.  Find out about all of these flooring options before picking out the type you want to install in your home. 

Cement resin consists of cement polyester resin mixed with crushed stone or sand.  It is laid over concrete or over a timber base.  This type of flooring is non-slip and has a little texture. 

Epoxy resin is made by combining epoxy resin, aggregate, hardener and fillers.  You can lay epoxy resin over many surfaces, hard floor 2like plywood and cement.  It comes in many textures and colors, and can be ordered with a non-slip surface. 

Polyester resin is made by combining polyester resin, fillers, glass fibers, aggregates and catalyst.  This flooring is laid over plywood or cement.  There are many colors for polyester resin and it is very durable. 

Polyurethane resin is made by combining this resin and fillers.  It’s usually laid over plywood or cement.  The surface is non-slip and comes in many colors and textures.   

Concrete screeds are typically used as a base for various floor finishes.  They are laid over a concrete base.  Bonded concrete hard-floor-1screeds are made by existing concrete base with aggregate unprotected and it has a cement screed put over it.  Unbonded concrete screeds are made by a cement screed that is put over the plain already existing concrete base.  When the concrete screeds are floating, they are laid over sound or thermal insulation materials. 

Terrazzo is made up of marble aggregate and cement, and after these two elements are mixed together, they are poured into a situ and onto a concrete base.  Then terrazzo is waxed and terrazzopolished.  Terrazzo comes in slabs and tiles, and has a look of mosaics.  It can be used together with underfoot heating, and can be very slippery if it is wet or polished. 

Terrazzo is widely used in commercial buildings, like offices and malls.  It’s durable and easily cleaned.  Terrazzo can run up a bill, but is worth it when put in large areas.  It also has nice design possibilities, where a few colors of terrazzo can be used together to produce a mosaic-like design. 

Most of hard flooring starts out as liquid, then it’s worked into a solid form with any finish.  Cement screed and terrazzo have the most chances of cracking and have to be laid down in a certain way.  All of these flooring options are best for industrial uses in offices, government buildings and malls.

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