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How The Carpet Is Made

 How The Carpet Is Made

There are two ways to make a carpet and it can be expensive or affordable depending on how it’s made.  This choice of flooring can look firm, loose, solid or multicolored and it all depends on how it was constructed. 

The popular method of making a carpet is through tufting.  There are many needles that thread the yarn through jute or polypropylene backing.  This creates tufts or loops of desired strength.  The loops are then cut and create pile tufted carpet, or the loops can be left to make looped pile carpet. 

When looping is done, it has to be fixed in place with a backing.  The first layer of backing is glued to the loops to hold them in place.  Second backing layer gives the carpet more strength. 

Back in the day all carpets were woven by the use of a loom.  To create a colorful pattern, different colors of tufts were added into the weave.  They would be part of the pile, but not show in the back.  Some carpets were made so that the colors that are not on the surface can be seen on the back.  This is an example of a cut and looped pile.  Making carpets the old-fashioned way is very expensive, but they are high in quality and are still manufactured. 

The carpets that are woven or pile woven will have backing threads, and the tufts are secured in place.  To produce patterns, the method of weaving is used.  It is faster to make tufted carpets than woven.  You can tell the difference between them by looking at the back of the carpet.  Woven and tufted carpets are both of high quality.  Usually the choice of your carpet will be made by the look you are trying to accomplish for the room. 

Knitting and bonding are other methods by which the carpet can be made.  In knit carpets the backing and the pile yarn are knit together.  In bonded carpets tufts of pile are glued onto the backing. 

New technology and demand for certain design look introduces innovative ways to create color combinations, styles, patterns and textures in carpeting.  The choices right now on the market are limitless, and your choice depends on the style and look that you want to achieve.

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