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All About Ceramic Tile

 All About Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is a multi-purpose material that can be used for not only floors, but for walls, countertops, fireplaces, all kinds of trims and patios.  Some tiles can be great for outdoors, others should only be used indoors.  Before making your selections, explain to the sales person what you are using the tiles for, so that you make the right selection. 

Some of the shapes available for tiles are squares, rectangles, octagons, hexagons and more.  The most popular and easy to install are the square tiles.  The edges of the ceramic tiles also come in shapes, like scalloped, straight or cushioned. 

These tiles come in many sizes that will suit any remodeling job.  Floor tiles come mostly as 6x6 or 24x24 inch squares.  Wall tiles come in very different sizes, like 4.25x4.25, 6x6, or 8x10 inch pieces.  There are also custom designed tiles available.  These are mostly handmade and come in standard and other sizes. 

You can pick the finish for your ceramic tiles, which depends on the look you are trying to achieve and where the tiles will be installed.  The different finishes are textured, glazed, smooth, unglazed, polished or unpolished.  For a room like the kitchen, you might want to purchase glazed or polished tiles to protect the surface from water damage. 

Through a natural process, ceramic tiles come in many colors.  For a specific look, other colors are added, as well as textures, polishes and paints.   

Besides being beautiful, ceramic tiles are very durable.  They are fireproof and do not burn.  For places with water use, like a kitchen or a bathroom, this is an ideal product.  Tiles are water-resistant if properly installed.  Floor ceramic tiles are slip-free if the abrasive grit or texture is added to the surface of the tile.  This kind of tile is also great for  busy commercial buildings with a lot of foot traffic, because it is abrasion resistant.   

Ceramic tiles are also frost and thermal shock resistant.  They are great for exterior work in the front or back yard, patio, stairs or pavement.  Tiles can withstand any temperature, and will not crack or break.  They will not get sunburned or weather washed. 

The tiles are very easy to clean.  Just wash them with a sponge, sweep or vacuum the tiles.  The colors and the look will never change.  Ceramic is great for places that require high hygiene.

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