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Different Types Of Blinds - Part 1

 Different Types Of Blinds - Part 1

Roller blinds have been in interior decorating fashion since two centuries ago.  A roller blind is a mechanism that consists of a plastic or wooden roller onto which a stiff material is wound.  This material is usually fabric, but can also be vinyl.  The roller has a mechanism with spring that allows you to lower or raise the blind.  When the blind is pulled and released it goes to its original rolled up state. 

The bottom of the roller blinds has a strip of wood to keep it straight.  The hanging end of these blinds is usually decorated with fringes or other accessories.  The material for the blind can be fabric or vinyl.  For rooms with a lot of water use, like kitchens or bathrooms the material for blinds is usually waterproof.  Most blinds can be cleaned with a sponge and water. 

Roller blinds can hang on their own or together with a curtain.  Most come in standard window sizes.  You can also buy a kit to make custom blinds.  Blinds are a minimal type of window decoration that takes barely any space.  They only cover what's necessary.  Typical blinds roll from the back.  Other roller blinds are the reversed roll blinds that roll from the front, and the bottom up ones are pulled upwards. 

Roman blinds are made from all kinds of fabrics that can be heavy or sheer.  These blinds look like bunched up folds that unravel as you pull the blind down.  The blind  is pulled by cords that go through rings at the back of the blind.  The blind looks flat when it’s down. 

Roman blinds are lined in most cases, but use less fabric than curtains.  The blind just covers the window space, not any part of the wall.  These blinds are installed inside the window frame to save fabric and achieve a minimal look, or above the frame of the window so that the components are covered. 

Decorators love Roman blinds for their elegant, classic look.  These blinds are best for large rooms, like living rooms and dining rooms.  When selecting blinds, pay attention to the pattern that you are picking out.  When the blinds are folded, large patterns will get distorted and can look unattractive.

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