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Different Types Of Blinds - Part 2

 Different Types Of Blinds - Part 2

Vertical Louvre blinds are created from thin strips of canvas, synthetic fabrics and thin wood strip and silk.  They are opened and closed by being drawn to the sides of the window instead of up and down.  These blinds have a track at the top and are mostly used with windows that are from floor to ceiling.  Vertical blinds are usually used in large rooms. 

Venetian blinds are simply made - they have two inch wide planks that are put together with one inch wide cotton tape.  These were one of the first blinds created.  The positive side of these blinds is that they are great at blocking out the light.  The negative side is that they are very heavy and hard to clean.  Venetian blinds are not as popular as some other kinds of blinds, but are making a comeback with a redesigned, modern look. 

Timber venetian blinds are a thicker version of regular venetian blinds.  They are usually made from cedar, which can be pretty expensive.  Timber blinds are great for insulation and durability.  Interior decorators choose them for classical style looks. 

Paper blinds are made from paper that is stiff, tough and permanently pleated.  There is a good choice in color for paper blinds, they make great decorating accessory and they are cheap and practical.  These blinds are easy to clean or dust and look great when combined with drapes. 

Pleatex blinds are made from craft paper that's very tough and calendered.  These blinds have pleats that are permanent.  This type of blinds is very inexpensive. 

Balastores are blinds that are made from strong paper.  They are inexpensive and have an accordion shaped pleats, which are hole punched.  This blind blocks the glair and lets the light in.

Mini blinds are a more modern kind of venetian blinds.  They were at first created for commercial interiors with their slim, sleek look.  Mini blinds became popular for residential interiors because of their modern look, great color choices including metallic and perforated blinds, good insulation properties in the winter, custom made dimensions, and wide use for windows and doors.  They usually come with cord and rod that are color coordinated.  The downfall of mini blinds is that they are hard to clean and make noise when the window is opened.

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