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Different Types Of Blinds - Part 3

 Different Types Of Blinds - Part 3

Micro mini blinds are very similar to mini blinds, but are smaller in width.  They are also called slimline blinds.  Micro mini blinds are elegant and slim, but it’s easy to bend and break them. 

Honeycomb blinds got their name from the way they look.  The side view gives an impression of honeycombs.  This blind is efficient and insulating.  It takes up very little room when it’s up. 

Cane blinds are made from bamboo that's split or whole.  They only partially block the sun and are good for concert and catering halls.  Cane blinds can be rolled or pleated. 

Festoon blinds are festive because of their extra ruching.  These blinds are similar to austrian blinds, but the ruching is there when the blind is down also.  The narrow heading tape that goes vertically where the top of the blind is makes the ruching. 

Pinoleum blinds are made from slats of wood, which can be stained.  The wood is held together by cotton thats woven through.  They work on a spring mechanism.  This blind is cheap and can cover large windows without much cost.  They are see through and let the light in. 

Wooden slat and quill blinds are both similar to Pinoleum.  The difference between them is that wooden slat blinds are heavy and coarse, and quill blinds are created from white plastic quill.  There is an example of wooden blinds at the top of the page. 

Austrian blinds are similar to Roman blinds.  They are operated by rings and cords, but Austrian blinds' heading is gathered and they have a vertical shirring that moves the scalloped folds. 

Cloud and balloon blinds are operated by cords and rings.  Cloud blinds have gathered heading and when the blinds are raised they form scallops at the bottom edge.  Balloon blinds have pleats that are inverted from top to bottom where the spacing is wide. 

Cottage blinds are ideal for a bathroom, because they come in half the length of a regular blind.  These blinds are a good source of privacy and are usually hung together with a valance at the top.

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