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The Pink Color In Home Decorating

 The Pink Color In Home Decorating

Pink is a very feminine color.  It’s soft, delicate and peaceful when in lighter shades, and romantic and passionate when in brighter hues.   

Since pink is a very girly color, it’s mainly used in girls bedrooms.  It can go great with whites, lavenders, yellows, greens and reds.  One of the most recent popular combinations is pink, green and white.  It’s as popular in decorating girls’ rooms as in girls’ fashion.  To add touches with this color combination, use it for linens, curtains, lamps and in accessories. 

Another great pink color combination is pink and brown.  It’s very big in linens choices.  The pink color adds the warmth, softness and delicateness to the interior and the mood of the house. 

Men don't usually like pink for the same reason that women love it - its softness.  Pink creates emotions and men like simpler colors.  For a more manly environment, try to avoid pink color. 

The words that are mostly associated with pink are: soft, delicate, emotional, passionate, love, peace, gentle, soothing, warm.

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